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Like any investment, your pool table requires regular maintenance to ensure that it stays in tip-top shape. If you've been searching for "pool table repair near me" then you already know that.  Boston Pool Table Services has a team of fully trained experts who know how to fix any problem with your table, whether it’s adjusting your leveling to ensure that your gameplay stays smooth and even; replacing any damaged or worn-out parts; or even doing a full-on restoration.

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    Pool Table Refinishing, Refurbishing & Restoration

    If the wood on your table is looking faded, worn-out, or has gotten a little scuffed up over the years, we can provide expert refinishing to have your pool table looking as good as new!  We offer finishes in a variety of hues so that we can most closely match the original color; or if you like we can change things up to better fit your décor. ​Restoring older billiard tables, as well as antiques, is one of our specialities. 

    ​If you’ve come across an old billiard table that’s in need of some serious TLC, then call Boston Pool Table Services!  We offer full restoration services in order to bring aged or severely damaged tables back to life.  Full restoration addresses everything, from the frame, table covering, wood refinishing, pocket repair, and any other problems that may arise.

    Pool Table Leveling

    Having a perfectly level playing surface is vital if you want to play billiards.  It can mess up your shot, or provide an unfair advantage to anyone who knows how to exploit the flaws.  We have the tools and the know-how needed to ensure that your pool table is 100% level to provide the best playing experience possible.

    ​Pocket Repair

    Billiard tables generally have pockets either made of rubber and plastic, or of leather.  Plastic/rubber pockets are seen on less expensive models (like the tables you’d find in a bar), and while they last for years, they will require a full replacement if they become damaged.  Luckily, plastic pockets aren’t as expensive as their leather counterparts, so the cost of replacement is fairly minimal.

    Leather pockets are much higher quality.  Many people prefer them for their private tables because of their visual appeal.  They can be repaired (rather than wholly replaced), but this is usually a very involved process.  The side panels have to be removed so that the pocket itself may be taken out and dissembled.

    No matter which type of pockets you have, you should absolutely rely on experts to conduct your pocket repair or replacement in order to avoid further damage.

    Cushion Repair

    Like most materials, the rubber cushions that line your table wear down with time and use.  Nowadays it isn’t unusual to see cushions that need replacement after 5 years or so.  Your cushions are what give your pool balls rebound, so you’ll want to keep them in great condition in order to keep making those trick shots!

    Improperly installed cushions can poorly affect the alignment and rebound of your pool balls during gameplay, so it is important to rely on the experts during replacement or repair.

    Bumper Repair

    Ideally, your bumpers should last a couple of decades or so without needing replacement.  However, if you notice that your pool balls are rebounding with a little less zip than they did previously, then it’s probably time for some repairs.  Our expert staff can work with any brand; we can easily replace misaligned or loose bumpers, and we’ll be sure to get the proper size and fit for your table.

    Frame and Slate Repair

    A sturdy, level frame is the foundation of every great game of pool.  If you have any cracks, bowing, or other problems in the frame of your table or in the slates beneath the cushion, then Boston Pool Table Services can repair or replace the pieces in no time at all!  We’ll take care of the problem so that no further damage occurs.

    Rails Repair

    If your rails are cracked or warped, Boston Pool Table Services is the company to call.  We’ll swap out your damaged rails with high-quality replacements that are guaranteed to last for years!

    If you’d like to schedule an evaluation for repairs or would like a free quote, you can reach us at the number listed below, or you can fill out our online form!